Your Powerful Resource for Workers' Compensation

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"Client-Centered" is more than a buzzword at CompResults; it is a way of life. Our focus is your satisfaction, and our goal is to meet your goals.

From inception, it has been our philosophy to design solutions that meet the needs of each client, whether large or small, rather than asking clients to adapt to the solutions we want to provide.


Sometimes being big is equated with being powerful. At CompResults, we believe that true power (the ability to act or produce an effect) has little to do with size.

Take our services for instance; by utilizing state of the art technology we are able to duplicate the efficiencies of much larger companies, but our size allows us much more flexibility in designing solutions that meet individual client needs and implement them much more quickly.

Welcome to CompResults Select, a workers’ compensation managed care plan certified by the State of Nebraska . The purpose of CompResults Select is to facilitate quick, convenient and high quality medical care to injured employees covered by the plan. This is accomplished by providing access to a network of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers who have specifically agreed to treat work related injuries and occupational diseases, having nurses assigned to coordinate and monitor the care provided to employees, and providing services to help employers create safe working environments to avoid injuries and illnesses whenever possible.

This website is available at all times to provide information about the CompResults Select plan to employees, employers and healthcare providers. Please visit the “Contact Us” page for information on how to speak directly with a representative.

If you are an employee, employer or provider please click on the appropriate link to the left to access the information you need. To locate a participating provider, simply click on the link to the left. For all other inquiries, click on the link to contact us