Provider Questions

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  • Q. Doesn’t joining a network like CompResults delay my payment?
    • A. Actually, in most cases we are able to expedite payment to providers. Through our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connections with several major claim processors, we provide payment data directly into their systems, which streamlines the process of issuing checks to providers.
  • Q. Will CompResults pay my bills directly?
    • A. No, we are a managed care company. You will receive payment directly from the TPA, Insurance Company or Employer.
  • Q. How do I know what I will be paid?
    • A. The key to our long term success has been maintaining excellent relationships with both clients and providers. We contract directly with providers and review the bills in-house, so the discounts to which you agree determine your payment. CompResults does not apply “Usual and Customary” methodologies to bills from contracted providers.